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Frirth Park - Surrey - 2016

This former manor house also known as The Acid House was used for printing and Optical work.

It was built in around 1840 by the Ladbroke family. During the WW1 it was used as a field hospital.

In 1949 the Maharajah or Baroda bought the estate including 135 acres of farmland. They developed the site as a specialist printing business which continued until 2014 when it was relocated to the North West. The site slowly fell into disrepair. 

Its being redeveloped into housing and part of the structure has been emptied and will be demolished. The main house is remaining to be redeveloped from what I understand. The roof is completely missing and has been covered completely by a scaffold roof. The top floor is very surreal because of this.

Frirth Park has now been completely converted into houses.