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Houses and cottages. Little time capsules into peoples previous lives.

The Elms Cottage – Forest of Dean
March 2020

A little rural cottage in the Forest of Dean is a little time capsule.

Luddington House – Egham
May 2019
Luddington House is a Grade II listed building and has a surprisingly rich history dating back to its construction in 1720.
The Professors House – Surrey
May 2019

This weird little place was the home of a scientist who had small labs in a few sheds.

Little Granary – Surrey
April 2019

A small abandoned house that looks like it’s been untouched for years.

Fonthill – Godalming
April 2019

Owned by a Richard Noble, this house fell into disrepair in 2008 when he died at the age of 78. Richard Noble was a Expert in British History and was passionate about music.

Ride Manor – Ascot
March 2019

A derelict house in a very nice part of Surrey. Derelict since 2015 and well past it.

Hundred Acre House – West Sussex
October 2018

An abandoned house full of stuff, and still had the power on.

The Swan House – Surrey
August 2018

An unusual ranch style house.

Maison Greiveldinger – Luxembourg
May 2018

An old farmhouse buried away in a tiny village. A really cool little place.

Longcross Cottage – Surrey
January 2018

Once a nice little cottage on the back of a golf course in Surrey.

Dormer Cottage – Felbridge, Surrey
December 2017

A house that was due for demolition, probably long gone now.

Old Rolls Farm House – West Sussex
October 2017

An old farmhouse turned police training house tucked away near the Crawley water treatment plant. Now Demolished.

Viewpoint House – Surrey
June 2017

A sweet little cottage that had been left empty, probably awaiting renovation.

North Luxembourg Farmhouse – Luxembourg
May 2017

Somewhere I stumbled upon in Luxembourg. An old farm with paddocks for animals.

Maison Hommel – Luxembourg
May 2017

Owned by the Muller Family, consisting of a widow and 3 children, this house was left empty when mother died and the children moved out.

Maison Kirsch – Luxembourg
May 2017

Abandoned sometime in the 1960s, this house was owned by a well off family that made liqueur from cherries.

Carewell Lodge – Surrey
April 2017

AKA Punch Lodge, Previously used by Ladbrokes for management training. A hotel type building with the power still on and in great condition. Unfortunately it became the target of a arson attack about a year after my visit.

Haywards Heath Bungalow – Sussex
April 2017

This small bungalow was abandoned in 1991 and has been sat in a time warp ever since.

Tall Trees Farmhouse – Surrey
April 2017

The building is Late 19th century and was previously named Tall Trees. Previously owned by the Frank Brothers who worked in building and brickmaking.

Sussex Hotel Staff Quarters – Sussex
April 2017

This used to be the old staff quarters for a hotel in Sussex. The hotel is still in business, but they moved their live in staff to a different lodging. This place got set on fire in around 2018 and is just a shell now.

The Masters Place – Surrey
March 2017

A bungalow owned by Sidney Hilton who died in 1996, leaving a bit of a time capsule.

Roo’s Bungalow – Surrey
March 2017

A pretty weird bungalow set in the middle of a field. A pretty cool stone brick 50s/60s design.

Tillingdown Farm, Surrey
February 2017

Owned by Albert Davison, this farm was used to house and train racehorses since the 1970s up until 2011 when he died and the farm was sold. Now demolished.

South Lodge – Surrey
December 2016

South lodge or The Postern is one of the few remnants of the Cane hill grounds still left that is accessible and not totally trashed.

Hi-Roll Cottage – Surrey
November 2016
A really derelict old cottage where the former owner was a automotive engineer/enthusiast with a collection of cars to suite.
The Brick makers House – Surrey
October 2016

A brick made cottage right next to the old Cranleigh Brickworks in Surrey.

Bridges Wood House – Surrey
August 2016

A house in the woodlands behind the old Princes Mushroom factory in Horley. A total pain to get to, as it’s surrounded by thick woodland.

The Machinist’s House – Surrey
Febuary 2015

‘The machinist’s house’ was given its name because of all the sewing machines and printing presses that are about.