Pyestock NGTE Anechoic Chamber - Hampshire - February 2018

The National Gas Turbine Establishment (AKA Pyestock) was a massive industrial complex and the prime site in the UK for design and development of gas turbine and jet engines. Construction starting in 1949 and the site grew as the years rolled on.
It housed the development of such engineering feats as the Conchord Engine, the Harrier and the Tornado.

The Noise Chamber
The Anechoic noise chamber was built as a way of practically testing jet engines to aid reduction in noise, as there was an increased demand for quieter aircraft.
The massive test chamber allowed for real life testing, where computer simulations where just not a viable way of modeling turbine noise.

I believe that that the site has been mothballed, rather than completely abandoned, but the future for the the noise chamber is uncertain.
With plans to build houses on the Pyestock land, I would say that it’s not realistically be viable to have one of Europe’s largest jet engine noise testing Facility right next to a huge housing estate.