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Ouvrage Latiremont, Maginot line - France - May 2017

The Maginot line is a series of fortifications built along the North East corner of France along the Luxembourg, German and Swiss boarder. Ouvrage Latiremont is one largest fortifications built very near the Luxembourg border.

Ouvrage Latiremont was approved for construction in May 1931 and cost 88 Million Francs to complete.

The fort was built with 6 blocks of guns of varying sizes(75mm, 81mm and Machine guns) as well as 4 entrances for Munitions and Personnel.The entire network of Latiremont was manned by 600 men during its operation.

Unfortunately the Maginot line was entirely ineffective in WW2 as the Germans just went round through Belgium and avoided it completely.Latiremont was re-conditioned during the Cold War, but eventually abandoned.