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Places that don’t fit in anywhere else.

Former Poultry Farm – Greet, Gloucestershire
June 2020

This old farm on the outskirts of Winchcombe was previously used as a Poultry farm before falling into dis-use around 20 years ago. There is a small house that seem to have been left empty long before the rest of the farm units were. There is Planning permission to turn the site into houses has been applied for a few times, and as recent as 2018, but has be rejected each time.

 J. Bull Electrical – West Sussex
June 2019

J. Bull Electrical Ltd started in 1945 selling electrical components, spares and ex-military phones etc. Now it’s a series of derelict storage units containing a weird mish mash of stuff.

Warwickshire Masonic Temple – Birmingham
October 2018

Designed by John Madin, the brutalist architecture is very distintive. The Conference centre come Masonic temple was built in around 1970/1971 and was finally closed in 2014 when the building was put up for sale.

Coventry Pumping Station – Coventry
March 2020

The old pumping station at the edge of Coventry.

Hunting Butts Trains – Gloucestershire
April 2018

These old train carriages and train stocks lay rotting and disused at the end of the GWSR line in Cheltenham.

Jaguar Graveyard – Sussex
September 2017

A graveyard of old Jags…and a bus.

Crawley Down Yard – West Sussex
October 2017

And derelict yard down a small country lane that appears to have been left to rot.

Home Farm/Foxlease Farm (Minley Manor) – Hampshire
September 2017

Built in the 1900s as part of a the Minley Manor Estate, Home farm was designed as a ‘Model Farm’, a self contained farm that was purpose built to be the ideal layout for farming.

Jameah Islameah – Sussex
May 2017

A Victorian era school building that gained controversy after being busted by anti-terrorist police under suspicion of commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

Farringdon House – East Grinstead
April 2017

An old office building that was stripped back to the concrete structure and been left for years.

Petworth Chapel – Surrey
March 207

A lovely little Chapel set in the small village of Petworth. This ones an interesting one as no-one knows who actually owns it.

Bedham Church – Sussex
March 2017

The ruins of a church built in 1880 set deep into woodland.

ICI Plant Protection Division / Syngenta – Fernhurst
March 2017

This massive building was the former offices of ICI. While not massively interesting inside, the shear scale of the place is impressive.

Stacklands Retreat – West Kingsdown, Kent
October 2016

Stacklands Retreat is a religious retreat situated in quite a secluded location

The Shrine – West Sussex
October 2016

The mausoleum is said to have been built for the mother of the family to be buried in. The actually body however is not buried here, but in a local cemetery. The shrine is around the remains of an old castle, the remains of which are still visible.

The Acid House – Surrey
July 2016

This former manor house was used for Chemical and Optical work.