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Mansions and MAnors

Large mansions and manor houses.

Silverlands Manor – Surrey
May 2019

This well known explores has been around for years and access had come and gone. This is easy to explore middle of 2019, shortly before work started on the building in early 2020.

Seven Pines House – Surrey
March 2019

The house of a former author who died about a year before. The house is destined to be flattened and a new developments built on the land.

Bulstrode Park – Gerrards Cross
February 2019

One of the largest manor homes I’ve had the fortune to explore. Used as filming location for Johny English and Good Omens.

Coombe Park Manor, Whitchurch-on-Thames
January 2018

A bit of a tourbus explore with quite a few people descending on the place within the space of a few days.

Chateau Lumiere – France
May 2017

A well known grand mansion buried deep in rural France.