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J. Bull Electrical - West Sussex - June 2019

J. Bull Electrical Ltd started in 1945 selling electrical components, spares and ex-military phones etc. There’s not much online about them, but it appears that they went under, before appearing again under the the name BullyBeef. From my understanding and the few reports on here, it appears that the company did not provide what one would call ‘High Quality’ parts. Judging by the way things are stored in just piles and piles of cardboard boxes barely kept out the rain, I’m not surprised. The land appears to be owned by the farm at the corner of the property, which is most definitely lived in judging from the chicken pen full of chicken that I managed to spy through the windows of a warehouse. The little paths around the warehouses are well kept enough to suggest it’s still sort of used.

To add to the weirdness of the place, there are several cars stored there, some appear to have been stores there for a long time. A shame really as some of the them appear like a good source of spares, or maybe even runners with lots of TLC. There was a motorbike according to an early report, but that appears to have vanished at some point….