Industrial Sites

Large industrial sites, from old factories to huge steelworks.

Engelhard Factory – Cinderford 
June 2020

The old Metal processing factory in Cinderford trashed and rotting, but the decay was surprisingly photogenic.

Ensors abattoir – Cinderford
June 2020

An old abottior that’s seen better days.

Healings Flour Mill – Tewksbury, Gloucestershire 
March 2020

The Healings flour mill closed in 2006 and has remained a local landmark.

BIP (British Industrial Plastics) – Oldbury 
Jan 2019

A huge factory that processed plastics. Late in the de-commissioning stage during our visit.

Ibstock Bricks (Beare Green Factory) – Surrey 
December 2018

A small disused section of the Beare Green Ibstock Bricks Factory.

Typhoo Tea Factory – Birmingham 
October 2018

The shell of the old Typhoo Tea factory is in a terrible state of ruin. But the scale and decay make it a pretty nice explore all in all. Just watch out as it’s a notorious spot to bump into druggies.

Leatherhead Food Research – Surrey 
June 2018

Leatherhead Research has been working with food companies to research into many aspects of food products including Quality & safety, regulatory, nutrition, product development and sensory & consumer insight to the food and beverage sector.

Terre Rouge- Luxembourg
May 2018

The giant industrial remains of the old steel furnaces of Terre Rouge (translated as ‘Red Earth’)

Hodgson’s Mill (Robertsbridge Mill) – East Sussex 
April 2018

This old Mill is full of sketchy floors and old equipment.

 Pyestock NGTE Anechoic Chamber – Hampshire
February 2018

Formally the largest operational Anechoic chamber in Europe and the last remaining piece of the legendary Pyestock. A pretty special place.

Cocking Limeworks – Sussex
December 2017

A small former limeworks quarry. Well trashed and graffiti’d, but with some interesting bits of equipment and machinery left.

Decca Radar – New Malden, Surrey
September 2017

Fetid, dirty, pigeons and smelly are all words that could describe the derelict remains of the Decca Radar building. Despite all this, the subtle art deco styling and natural decay make for a fairly photogenic explore. Bring ya P3 mask and gloves though, your gonna need them.

Funton Brickworks – Lower Halstow, Kent
August 2017

A small brickworks in deepest darkest kent.


W T Henley building – Northfleet, Kent
July 2017

The former admin building of the W T Henley cable factory. W T Henley created the first under-sea cables allowing for the the future of communications.

Chailey Brickworks – Sussex
June 2017

A former brickworks in Chailey with a few buildings left.

Federal Mogul Camshafts  – Surrey
June 2017

A large camshaft factory set in a quiet rural area of Surrey near Godalming. Now Demolished.

Clockhouse Brickworks – Capel
December 2016

A large brickworks in Surrey that closed in 2009, shortly after the 2008 financial crash. Full of machinery and equipment and a brilliant industrial explore. It’s since been emptied out.

Tower Brick and Tile Company – Hampshire
December 2016

Tower brick and tile company is a lovely little explore tucked away in the small village of Selborne. It’s very isolated, with interruptions only from the occasional passing car and the swarming birds in the field opposite.

Bucklands Quarry Sand Pit (Park Pit) – Surrey
November 2016
A quarry not far from Dorking that has a few bits left. It’s since been converted into a water park.
Fullers Earthworks – Redhill, Surrey
The now demolished industrial playground that was Fullers Earthworks.
Oxted Chalk Quarry – Surrey
October 2016
A semi-live quarry that has a lot of history.
Brockham & Betchworth Limeworks – Surrey
October 2016
The remaining parts of the old Betchworth Limeworks that sits near the bottom of Box hill in Surrey.
Blue Prince Mushrooms – Surrey
December 2014
A mushroom factory that closed in 2003. It’s now been sold and is used as airport parking for nearby Gatwick.