BIP (British Industrial Plastics) - Oldbury - Jan 2019

British Industrial Plastics was founded in 1894 (formally known as British Cyanides Limited) and is the old polymer plastic company in the UK. In 1924 its chemists invented and patented the world’s first ‘water-white’ thermoset resin.

The Oldbury site started history in 1926 where it was the first site to produce the new ‘Water-White’ thermoset Resin. This opened up new opportunities for designers and new applications, notably for electrical accessories and tableware – more picnicware in those days.

BIP was at the height of its success between the 1960-1980s, especially after being bought by Turner & Newall (T&N) in 1961. However by 1995 the company was in disarray with large sections of its manufacturing having been sold off. It’s Oldbury sites being some of the only parts left and being in desperate need of investment.

Some investments into the Oldbury sites were made but it wasn’t enough to save it, and it’s appears like its gradually being closed down with redundancies being reported in May of 2018.